Dear Fatwans

...and the winner is!



My dears,

Thank you to those wonderful followers of Fatwans who took the time to enter my competition by paying me a compliment. There were fifiteen lovely entries, and most of the recent traffic to my site has been due to me logging on to read and re-read them.

What I am supposed to say now is that all of you are winners. However, with five calendars to give away, and fifteeneen entries, the maths has this to say: ten of you are losers. Sorry about that, dears.

Honourable mentions therefore go to:

@lovely_oracle (thank you for letting me sleep on your arm, dear)

Desk calendars go to:

@juddydot - this is charitable of me given that she seemed unable to use the simple online form I provided, but instead chose to send me a screenshot of her poem. It was clear, however, that a lot of thought and work had gone into her compliment, so well done. - Juddydots entry

@PrincessofVP - for the sort of earworm I’d normally expect to have to have a tablet forced down my throat to treat.

@smallrabbit - small and slightly sinister (just like me), @smallrabbit’s compliment reminded me of Willam Blake’s poem “The Sick Rose” - see

@Lou_Roll - Louise - here was a compliment more gritty and of the street, and while I haven’t provided any “milkshake” for a very long time, dear, it reminded me of something @GingerStud might say. *purrs*

Overall winner:
Pasted Graphic

Fatwans, from thee I do beseech
wisdom, and beauty beyond my reach.
Both regal and noble; both proud and benign. 
Exalted, resplendent- our sovereign feline.

Just like me, this is beautiful. A deserving winner of the wall calendar.


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