Win a Fatwans 2017 calendar!

The competition is now closed, but you can still have a go at solving all my puzzles. Let me know how you do.

Hello, dears. It’s that time of year again where your Auntie Fatwans sets some pretty little puzzles so that a lucky few of you humans might get to win some of my wonderful merchandise.

This year’s calendar features musical superstars who I’ve worked with, or inspired, and their album covers visualised as they should have been.

Sadly, dears, some of the stars featured are no longer with us. I had nothing to do with their demises, before anybody asks. In fact, given the stratospheric heights of my own celebrity, I have grounds to be concerned for my own safety.

For this reason, dears, I am going into hiding for the rest of 2016, and I’m taking my prizes with me.

To be in with a chance of winning something I want you to email me and say where I’ve gone, and why I chose to hide there.

To find where I’ve gone, you’ll need to solve a few layers of catty conundrums. You’ll meet Harry, Julius, and Dmitri along the way, and elements of some of the solved puzzles will also be codewords. You’ll need to furnish me with these too, so I know you haven’t just made a lucky guess.

The email address to send your answers will be provided with the final puzzle. Good luck, dears!

My competition will close at 18:00 GMT on 1 January 2017. The winners will be notified shortly afterwards, and prizes allocated by winners' choice. One prize per winner in the order of correct entries received. Winners will be contacted to make their choice from the remaining prize pool. There are five prizes up for grabs: two wall calendars, two desk calendars, and a special Fatwans mug.
Let’s warm you up with something easy, dears. Well, fairly easy. Actually, it’s quite difficult.

Another cat has gone into hiding in this word search. The co-ordinates for her C-A-T form a password to take you to the next puzzle. Happy cat searching!
Fatwans Cat Word Search