Win a Fatwans 2018 calendar and Fatwans goodies!

My Christmas 2017 competition is now complete, but I have reinstated my puzzles for the slow people out there that need lots of extra time to get their brains around my fiendish puzzles.

The winners had the chance to receive a copy of my Fatwans on Planet Earth calendars, amongst other fabulous prizes including Fatwans enamel mugs, and a Fatwans jigsaw.

My 2018 calendar celebrates the unique beauty of our gorgeous planet and its inhabitants; me in particular, of course.

We all need to remember that Earth is the only home we’ve got, and what a precious and fragile thing it is.

No cheating or conferring, I'll know, I have spies EVERYWHERE!

To start your bewildering journey just click or tap the button to continue, dears.

I'm slowly collecting all your data from right under your nose!